How To Avoid Buying Counterfeit Rolex watches in Colorado Springs

Everyone knows that rolex watches in Colorado Springs are a precious and prized part of your jewelry collection. Unfortunately, there are sellers out there who offer knockoff versions that are not of high-quality. Here are a few tips on how to avoid buying a counterfeit Rolex.

1. Every Rolex has a serial number and a model number etched into it. A genuine Rolex has etchings that are deep and perfect in their cut. The lines will be solid and very fine. Counterfeit replicas are generally possessed of acid-etched numbers that look poor in comparison.

2. Rolexes that are genuine have the logo and the crown symbol stamped onto the face itself. Absence of these markings is an obvious indicator that the watch is not genuine.

3. If the watch has a quartz movement, it is probably a fake. Most Rolex watches have a mechanical movement. Only a handful of Rolex watches have been made that have a quartz movement. Also, a genuine Rolex will have the logo engraved on the internal caliber, which obviously can only be seen when the watch is opened up.

4. Rolex manufactures all of their dials in a perfect fashion. Any sort of odd spacing, asymmetrical markings, or misspellings of any kind are clear indicators that the watch is not legitimate.

5. Rolex watches have what is called a Cyclops, which is a lens directly above the date window. This lens magnifies the date so that it is easier to read. If the watch you are considering buying is missing this feature, walk away because it is not legitimate.

6. Barring one particular model known as the Seadweller, there are no Rolex watches with engravings on the case back. If the watch you have purchased has any engravings at all on the case back, return it if possible as it is not a genuine Rolex watch.

Contact Us if you are interested in buying genuine rolex watches in Colorado Springs, or if you have any questions about the legitimacy about the timepiece that you currently own. A professional jeweler will be happy to assist you every step of the way to get you the Rolex watch that you deserve.

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