How Sodding Services in Petal, MS Can Improve Your Landscape Instantly

Some people sow seeds to produce a lawn, while others experience immediate benefits by adding a sod lawn. This type of lawn not only provides a quick and beautiful landscape, but it also needs less irrigation. Add to that the fact that a sodded lawn is denser and prevents erosion.

Keep Your Yard and Surroundings Cooler

If you need sodding services in Petal, MS, it probably is because you have built a new house or you are trying to improve a worn and faded landscape. Sod, itself, is grown by commercial farmers who produce turf. As you know, it can get quite warm in the summer in the South. If you add a sod lawn, you can reduce the temperature quite fast.

Why should you seed your yard when you can take advantage of sodding services and keep your yard cooler in the summertime? A lawn can lessen the temperature by about 30 degrees Fahrenheit. By adding this type of lawn, you can reduce the amount of greenhouse gas and absorb dangerous carbon dioxide fumes, produced by vehicular traffic.

A Quick and Easy Installation

If you speak to landscaping professionals about sodding services, they will agree that this type of lawn is ideal. By adding sod, they can quickly expedite the work. You can also use your yard in only about two weeks. You can install this turf just about anywhere the ground has not frozen. Plus, irrigation is easier and less expensive. Sod uses much less water to get established than when you sow seeds. When you consider that it takes seeds about two weeks to germinate, it is well worth the expense to choose a sod lawn instead.

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Learn all you can about lawn care and sodding to make the best decision for greening your property.

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