How Rugs and Carpets Keep Homes Warm, Comfortable and Safe

Rugs are a decorative touch that help to define specific areas in a room as well as soften the look of the space. In addition, they also provide a comfortable walking surface, especially when the occupants of the home like to be barefoot. Despite being overshadowed over the last few years by other flooring materials, carpeting is making a comeback due to the many benefits it provides that no other product does.

An Energy Saver

Carpeting saves energy by reducing the costs to heat the rooms where it is installed. Studies have shown that carpets and pads have a higher insulation value than any other flooring material. In addition, it feels warm under the feet as well, something that helps everyone walking or sitting on the floors can enjoy.

A Safer Choice

Hardwood and tile floors are slipping hazards, especially when they are wet. Carpeting provides a secure walking surface that makes it easier for the elderly and young children to walk comfortably. If falls do happen, Rugs also provide a cushioned surface that can make the fall less dangerous.

More Design Options

Carpets are available in multiple textures, patterns and colors. They are also made of a variety of different materials and can even be pieced together to create unique patterns. There is something available for every style of home.

Reduce Airborne Allergens

A lengthy medical study on the effect of carpeting on allergy and asthma sufferers failed to confirm any link between the two. What was discovered was that children with respiratory issues who slept in bedrooms that contained carpeting missed fewer days of school due to illness than those without carpets. The fibers in the carpet are able to trap dust mites and other allergens rather than allowing them to float around the room. As long as carpets are vacuumed regularly, they are a safe option for any family.

Carpeting is able to be recycled and there are numerous brands available that are also made from recycled materials. A carpeted room is quieter, warmer and generally feels more cozy and welcoming. In addition, carpets are quick to install, so home renovations are much faster and easier. Carpet Discount Warehouse makes it simple to find the perfect carpet for any home. Contact them to learn more about the benefits of carpet. You can follow them on Twitter.

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