How Couples Can Manage a Wide Age Gap

Couples with a wide age gap have almost certainly been consistently told that it will never work and the marriage is doomed to fail. There are many examples that will prove this to be true, while countless marriages with a large age gap have worked perfectly. Your choice of marriage therapists will help you discuss any differences and encourage you to build a solid future through consistent communication.

What Is an Age Gap?

An age gap may be a reality or it may appear simply within your mind’s thoughts. A five year age gap to a 15-year-old may appear as close or different as a 20 year age gap to a 30-year-old.

When the gap is more than one decade, you may have different choices about your favorite selections of music, movies or books, but they provide you with a wide opportunity to discuss and enjoy those deliberations.

Planning to Discuss Your Age

Discussing any of these age gap issues with a marriage therapist will help you understand what the differences are and how you can build your relationship now and into the future.

You will almost certainly have been told that your marriage will never work because one of you is too old and you will have too many issues to deal with during your marriage.

Marriage therapists will help you acknowledge that one of you may have brought more money into the partnership, or that one of you will be young when you have children, while the other may be targeting retirement.

Your discussions will help each to understand the other partner’s point of view. You are going to have different expectations during your life and your health issues may raise questions along with the levels of your fitness. As your social interests and attitudes may vary, there are still many reasons why you were attracted to each other, despite the age difference.

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