How Companion Care Makes Life Easier for Seniors and Their Families

How Companion Care Makes Life Easier for Seniors and Their Families

Even though our lives are intricate and multi-faceted, there are some needs that are essential and that many of us share, regardless of our background or personal history. These needs don’t go away when we get older. In fact, other needs are added. An issue arises when the effects of age prevent us from being able to perform the activities necessary to living a smooth, productive life. In Bethesda, MD, companionship care can help solve this issue. Here are some things companionship care can provide.

Reminders About Medication

Many seniors take a bevy of medications to either treat illnesses or curb various forms of pain. Some medications work as supplements to make up for lack of vitamins or other nutritional deficiencies. The list of medications can be lengthy, which would make it hard for anyone to keep up with, especially when dementia starts to set in. Companionship care provided by someone in Bethesda, MD can be a great solution. Medication times can be scheduled in an app that allows the professional companion to provide the reminders needed to make sure all medications are taken in a timely fashion.

Help with Scheduling and Activities

In Bethesda, MD, there are many things to do, some of which are necessary, and some are just for fun. A senior living in the area may have an active life—beyond the day-to-day activities involved in maintaining their health and overall well-being. Therefore, besides help remembering to take their medications and future visits to the doctor, they may also need help with their daily schedule. This can include recreation, such as trips to the park, the theater or to visit friends. Regardless of the need, a Bethesda, MD companionship care program can help setting it up, following through and getting there.

A qualified professional can also assist with specific exercises designed to strengthen the senior and prevent or reverse the onset of osteoporosis. Assistance with selecting and developing a program for exercises can give the senior a leg up otherwise impossible without companionship care.

If you know a senior who may need help with any of the above, get in touch with Capital City Nurses at or by phone at 866-807-7307. They can provide help and advice regarding the right companionship care for any senior in the Bethesda, MD area and beyond.

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