How Can A Static Website Design Help You?

How Can A Static Website Design Help You?

Static websites are employed by organizations who need an online presence. A static web page can be used as a landing page for visitors coming to your site. A static website can easily be created using a WordPress website design with a static theme. This static website design will consist of HTML and CSS files along with JavaScript.

Tree Ring Digital in Denver is a website design and digital marketing agency solutions provider. Their solution-oriented services include website design and development, digital marketing services, along with reputation marketing services for reviews of products and services.

One of the main areas of digital marketing services is to provide a website design to customers. Website design and development is important for putting your message, products, or services out in front of your customers. Most website solutions involve creating a static website.

Static websites are fast and uncomplicated compared to larger sites that produce volumes of data where the front page of the website changes daily. Today’s statics sites, unlike the clunky ones from the early internet years, provide more security and better performance. The usability rating of static sites is much higher than the more complicated ones. Customers do not get lost in the myriad of menu options, tabs, and features.

Static websites work by having no server-side code. These sites work by interpreting the client-side HTML or CSS code and deliver the output straight to the user’s screen. Some sites are using JavaScript to take over many of the functions of server-side languages such as PHP, ASP.NET, Python, and Ruby. By running JavaScript on the client side, websites load faster and decrease the bloat on most modern websites. A faster loading website will increase the user experience.

Static websites will provide you with the speed, security, and reliability needed to get your content in front of your customers.

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