How Can A Deportation Attorney Help?

When people find themselves faced with deportation proceedings they have the tendency to think they will be granted judicial relief if they have a great sob story to tell the judge or they are of they are of the opinion that there is no hope anyway so why bother hiring a deportation attorney in Chicago. Although it is easy to understand both these points of view, unfortunately both are ill-advised.

Don’t count on the court for any help:

In the event you find yourself involved in deportation proceedings you will find that the language used in court is less formal than one might expect and the majority of those involved know or at least believe the subject will not be knowledgeable when it comes to court proceedings in the US. The judge will be impartial; he or she will consider the arguments put forward by the Department of Homeland Security as well as the immigrant.

Other than impartiality don’t think that the judge is going to act as your attorney, putting forward legal arguments on your behalf. Immigration courts are like most courts in the US, they are overworked, chances are the judge will not know anything about the circumstances of your case and certainly won’t have the time to find out.

If you find yourself the subject of deportation proceedings and the only argument you have is “what about my family, I’m a hard worker” then chances are you will be deported. This is why you need to go to court with a seasoned deportation attorney in Chicago.

How can an attorney help?

You will have a chance to meet with your attorney before any hearing, the attorney will hear your side and determine if the Department of Homeland Security are correct with their charge and whether there are circumstances that would warrant defending you against being deported. Immigration law is phenomenally complex, there may be perfectly valid reasons why you should not be deported, these reasons probably are not apparent to you at this time.

Your lawyer may argue that the charges are false or that the crime you did commit is not one that warrants deportation. Perhaps you can qualify for asylum because you have a valid reason to believe that you will be persecuted in your homeland.

There are numerous pleadings that a deportation attorney in Chicago can make on your behalf, even if the judge disagrees having an attorney can help reverse the decision upon appeal. Never forget, this is your only chance to present your arguments and only an attorney can do it well.

If you are facing a removal action you will be best served by hiring a skilled deportation attorney in Chicago. You are invited to discuss your particular situation with the attorneys at DIN Law.

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