Grapple Rotator – Easing the Load

Grapple Rotator – Easing the Load

Because of the many demanding applications in forestry, agriculture, material handling, construction and road building, these industries know they need a grapple rotator. Why? It eases the load and gets the job done. Professionals know they will get their job done in a productive and profitable manner if it is powered by a rugged grapple rotator.

The Grapple Rotator Provides Reliability
The rotator design is based on the radial piston motor, a highly efficient power seen in the motors. The power does not run out and a harvester head or a grapple can be precisely turned to the wanted position. This reliability in design and high quality manufacturing meets the strenuous and high demands that a powerful and reliable rotator must display.

Rugged and Dependable
A good rotator is one that is easy to use, rugged, and most of all, dependable in all conditions. Professionals rely on these characteristics and the grapple rotator does not disappoint. A rotator grapple in the logging industry is an outlasting and out performing piece of equipment that has long out lifted other equipment for years! Increase your efficiency and out lift the competition every time.

Accuracy Desired
The key to the popularity of rotators is its technology and its durable design. One thing you can be sure of, the grapple rotator has a long service life and this means high productivity and efficiency. High performance lift, grab and load for Forestry, Transport, Construction and Recycling with the accuracy you desire.

Lightweight and Effective
The grapple rotator is a lightweight and effective hydraulic rotator with unlimited rotation for
forestry, construction, agricultural loaders and more. They can be mounted on almost any excavator, crane, loader, tractor or backhoe. The user will feel secure knowing this efficient tool is strong, convenient and allows for dexterity in its use.

Optimize Your Operation
While the basics for industry successes are a constant, minimize costs, maximize flexibility, and keep your systems and equipment current and in good working condition, having the right equipment will surge your productivity and business to the forefront. You can’t go wrong with the grapple rotator in your corner!

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