Do Homes Need Humidifiers? Lake Orion MI Residents Should Look Out For Signs of Dry Air

Some people don’t realize that conditions such as asthma and allergies can be alleviated or worsened by air quality. There’s little to be done about it outside, but when the weather starts turning cold, most people retreat to their homes. This indoor environment should be carefully controlled to avoid flare-ups. Humidifiers are handy things to have during the winter months, particularly if any residents have these or other breathing problems, but how can homeowners tell if their air quality could be improved with added moisture? When deciding whether or not to buy Humidifiers Lake Orion MI can look out for these common signs of excessively dry air.

Human Health Signs

Often those living in homes that are just too dry suffer from dry skin and eyes and often begin to pick up a persistent cough or a sore throat. It can be hard to differentiate between these symptoms and the minor colds that tend to pop up during the long winter months, but if all of them are present, or if they continue to be troublesome for days or weeks at a time, chances are the humidity level is to blame.

Home Furniture Signs

Most households have at least a few pieces of wooden furniture. If residents notice signs of cracking, that’s usually a bad sign. Wooden chairs can be some of the easiest furniture pieces to evaluate. Often the rungs will become loose, or even begin popping out, as the wood dries.

Those who keep antique furniture or musical instruments in the home should be particularly careful about maintaining adequate humidity levels, as these valuable items can be irreparably damaged by continuing dry weather.

When it comes to buying new Humidifiers Lake Orion MI have to choose between portable models and more comprehensive systems. Although the latter may require a heavier initial investment, they are often much more effective than their smaller counterparts. Also consider that if there are multiple people living in the household, it will likely mean that multiple portable humidifiers will have to be purchased and powered.

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