Home Care Equipment Can Be Found At McArdle Surgical

Home Care Equipment Can Be Found At McArdle Surgical

Innovative home care equipment can mean the difference between continuing to live at home and going to an assisted living facility. Don’t give up that two-story home; instead, purchase a stair lift. Wheelchairs, walkers, and canes can make home mobility easier.

Make the bathroom safer with grab bars, bath chairs, and toilet aids. A home care equipment supplier such as McArdle Surgical can make life easier in one’s beloved home. Add a healthcare aid or home care service for an even better comfort level.

Making Homes Accessible

An aging person and their family members must assess their situation periodically. Can they remain in their home or will they be safer in an assisted living facility? Often, that move can be delayed by hiring home healthcare workers and purchasing and having installed some home healthcare equipment.

Remove tripping hazards and clutter from home for easier navigation with wheelchairs, walkers, or canes. Make a few changes to the kitchen to make it more accessible and usable by the senior citizen.

A two-story home can be made more usable for mobility challenged person by installing a chairlift. The bathroom is another challenging area that can be made safer. Grab bars can be added near the toilet and bathtub.

Bath chairs or shower benches can make personal hygiene safer. Wheelchair accessible shower stalls can be added. Other bathroom safety equipment is available.

Other Medical and Homecare Supplies

Businesses have a large inventory of home health care and medical supplies. One can find compression stockings to prevent leg swelling and help with varicose veins.

The supplier also carries products such as sick room aids, urinary incontinence supplies, blood pressure kits, bed wedges, special pillows, orthopedic bracing, hot & cold therapy supplies, and wound care supplies.

In addition to carrying home care equipment, suppliers often provide installation services. By visiting their store, clients can get information on how to correctly use all of the products.

If family members need information on how to help their loved one be safer and more able to function in the home, they can get advice and information. Visit the Website for additional information.

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