Hiring A Worker’s Comp Lawyer After An Employee Failure

In Vermont, all employees should notify their employer at any time that they are injured on the job. However, in some cases, it is likely that the employee is not aware of a severe injury until a later time. This is the case when the injury produces a large volume of swelling. Brain injuries are the most common injuries that are discovered later on. If you were injured while performing job duties contact a Worker’s Comp Lawyer to help you file a claim.

Worker’s Compensation and Your Rights to Benefits

Any employer who fails to comply with state worker’s compensation laws is in violation. At any time that your employer does not report an injury, the employee should contact the Vermont Department of Labor initially. Under the Vermont laws, the employer is required to report the injury and provide a copy of this injury report to the employee. In a worker’s compensation case, the employer is required to send the employee to a medical center utilized by their insurance provider. If the employer does not send you to receive medical care after an accident, you should go to your primary care physician or the emergency room immediately. If the injuries are severe enough that the doctor believes you should not return to work immediately, you should acquire a notification from your doctor. It is your responsibility to submit this notification to your employer. You should also make a photocopy of it. Some employers will terminate the employee when they are unable to return to work immediately. These practices are unethical and illegal. They also open the door to wrongful termination litigation. If you have a written notification from your doctor that states when you are released to return to work, you can utilize this document as evidence in your worker’s compensation claim against your employer. Your Worker’s Comp Lawyer advises you of your rights in these circumstances. According to the Department of Labor, your employer has only seventy-two hours to report your accident to their insurance carrier. Any failure to do so is a violation of the law. If you do not receive any documentation from your employer after this time period you should consult Vermont Attorneys at Law.

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