Hiring A Custody Lawyer In Warrenton To Fight For Your Child

In Virginia, custody requirements allow courts to make attempts to foster a steady relationship between the child and his or her parents. These efforts are based on the interests of the child as identified by the Fauquire County court. If you wish to fight for sole custody of your child due to risks presented by your former spouse, you should contact a Custody Lawyer in Warrenton today. What is Best for Your Child?

While each parent will always feel that they are a good choice in terms of raising their child, judges typically make this distinction for them in a custody case. The first item on the checklist is to establish which parent serves the interests of the child. This implies that the chosen individual will provide the most stable and safe living environment for the child. However, in cases where joint custody is probable, the judge may determine that the child can live with each parent for equal amounts of time. What You Should Bring to Court As your Custody Lawyer in Warrenton will tell you, it is urgent that you present all facts to the judge. This does not mean that you should fabricate allegations against your spouse for the sole purpose of acquiring custody. This is a common mistake made in child custody cases that ultimately discourages the judge from awarding custody to you. You should discuss only real situations that could pose a threat to your child’s well-being. For instance, if your former spouse has a problem with drugs or alcohol, you should present this fact in your case.

A history of criminal behavior that started shortly before or after you and your spouse separated is another red flag identified by judges. You should not discuss any criminal behaviors that occurred while you agreed to remain in the marital home as this could give the judge the notion that you condoned the behavior, and it will not work in your favor. You should discuss these actions with a Custody Lawyer in Warrenton before you address them in court. Child custody is determined by a judge when the parents are unable to come into an agreement. This requires a custody hearing. Any grievances each party has in terms of custody are addressed in court. If you wish to contest or acquire initial custody, you should hire a Custody Lawyer in Warrenton to represent you.

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