Hire Construction Accident Lawyers in New York City After a Welding Injury

Welding is an activity that poses severe safety and health risks to construction workers. According to various statistics, one in 250 workers will be killed in a welding accident. Because of the nature of the job, safety regulations are strict and must be followed.

The Dangers of Welding

The job of welding has many dangers. Some, like burns, can immediately be felt, but other injuries may develop over time. Some of the dangers of welding are:

• UV exposure: UV (ultraviolet) light is created via the electric arc used in welding, and if a worker’s skin is exposed severe burns can occur. UV light can cause damage to the eye’s lens, which may become permanent.

• Infrared exposure: infrared radiation is another side effect of the welding arc, and it can heat the skin and the tissues below.

• Exposure to bright lights: if a worker’s eyes are exposed to intense light serious injuries such as shading, adaptation and pupillary reflex can occur.

How Can Workers Protect Themselves from Welding Injuries?

Most welding injuries are completely preventable. Protection from welding-related injuries typically comes as protective clothing and special eyewear. Most professional welders avoid infrared and UV exposure by wearing goggles or a welder’s helmet. However, when an injury is unavoidable, the worker should consider the benefits of visiting  to hire construction accident lawyers in New York City.

Do Employers Have to Take Steps to Reduce the Risk of Injury to Workers?

Employers must assess all workplace hazards and address them promptly. OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Act) requires workplaces to be safe, and that hazards must be remedied immediately. Where welding is concerned, the employer must determine which hazards exist, and they must decide whether protective equipment is needed.

If a Person Is Injured While Welding, Should They Hire an Attorney?

If a person is hurt in an on-the-job welding accident, they may be able to build a case against their employer. Even if an injury hasn’t occurred, but the work site has many hazards, the worker may be able to file an OSHA claim against the employer. Construction accident lawyers in New York City can advise the worker of their rights, and they can tell the client which remedies are available.

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