Hire A Paralysis Attorney in Hempstead, NY

Paralysis can be devastating for a family. That is because a catastrophic injury affects everyone’s life. Experts say falls and motor vehicle accidents are two of the main causes of paralysis. OSHA regulates construction sites tightly because falls are common. Indeed, employees often work on high scaffolding and must take precautions. How does a major fall affect the body? Sudden trauma can damage the vertebrae and disks in the spinal column. Further, inflammation, swelling and bleeding may occur in the area.

The spinal cord is attached to the brain. Nerve cells tell the body what to do in terms of movement. Paralysis occurs when the brain cannot communicate with the spine. Neck injuries often affect the ability to move the arms, and to breathe. Likewise, injuries to the back and chest affect the body below the waist. If you or a loved one are affected, contact a paralysis attorney in Hempstead, NY. The Law Office of Steven R. Smith handles paralysis cases. You can visit them online at their website. If the paralysis is due to an on-the-job injury, one might be entitled to compensation.

Victims are entitled to compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost wages and on-going care. In fact, medical bills related to an injury could be astronomical. There is no way to reverse paralysis. However, researchers are constantly working on new treatments. Many of the treatments are aimed at nerve regeneration. Likewise, there is research into prosthetic devices that make life easier. Most available treatment is aimed at limiting further injury. When the body heals, doctors must prevent other related problems.

When someone is paralyzed, they are at risk for bed sores and other things, including:

   *   organ failure

   *   bowel issues

   *   bladder issues

   *   infections

   *   blood clots

A paralysis attorney in Hempstead, NY, battles with the insurance company for you. The liable party must pay major damages for permanent injuries like paralysis. Further, many states make the insurer pay for various therapies. Physical therapists work the patient’s limbs to prevents bed sores and other issues. In addition, occupational therapists try to find ways to make people more comfortable. Hire an attorney and make sure your rights are protected.

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