Helpful Suggestions For Reducing The Cost Of Beer Logistics

Helpful Suggestions For Reducing The Cost Of Beer Logistics

The demand for small batch and craft beers continues to explode across North America. In the past, micro breweries and small craft breweries may have limited their off-site sales to just a few local stores, but this is quickly becoming an outdated and limiting business model.

Specialized 3PL (Third Party Logistics) providers have created niche services just for the craft beer market. These beer logistics operations have the experts, networks and trucking companies to be able to make it cost effective to ship microbreweries or craft beers across the state or the country.

These companies can work with your team to help to reduce shipping costs. While this is important for every business, it is particularly important in the early stages of increasing your sales as this is often when there is a limited market in areas outside of your local community.

Work with a Full-Service Logistics Company

While it may seem that managing trucking schedules and booking your own trucking services is not a difficult task, it becomes more complex the larger your geographic sales area and volume becomes.

By working with a company specializing in beer logistics, you can focus on your specialty of producing and marketing your craft beer and let the 3PL provider handle their area of expertise.

Strategical Plan Loads

Strategically planning loading and delivery is one way that the beer logistics company can save thousands in costs. By structuring delivery routes and minimizing redundancy in backtracking or overlapping routes, your business can save money and create greater efficiency in delivery.

It is also important to keep in mind that a top 3PL will always be careful in fully vetting all trucking services they use. This means professional drivers in well-maintained trucks deliver your beer on schedule and in a way that reflects positively on your beer company.

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