Fiber Cement Siding Replacement Tips

Fiber Cement Siding Replacement Tips

Fiber cement is excellent material for your home exterior in Johns Creek, GA. It provides the look and feel of natural wood and resists rot, insects, and fading. However, proper siding replacement is essential if you want to get the most from your beautiful new exterior. Here are some installation tips to help you.

Keep a Two Inch Distance

Don’t butt planks up against hard materials. For example, do not install your boards up against stairs, roofing, or decks. Siding needs space to limit moisture exposure.


When installing fiber cement planks, make sure they are about one inch from gutters. Install the right flashing. Diverter flashings keep rainwater away from your siding and divert it straight into the guttering system.


Some people in Johns Creek make the mistake of caulking between window head flashing and siding, and this is a big siding replacement mistake. Head flashing lets water drain away from the window and not behind your fiber cement siding. If you seal this area off, the water gets trapped underneath the siding, and this can create a number of problems.

Nailing Tips

You can blind nail or face nail your siding, but don’t use both methods. Face nailing means you nail straight into the face of the plank and into the wood beneath. You must nail through two planks for face nailing.

Blind nailing is the most common siding installation strategy because nail heads remain hidden and protected. With blind nailing, you nail the planks at the top and let them overlap at the bottom. The bottom of each plank overlaps the nail heads in the plank below.

Professional Installation

To make sure you have no problems with your new siding, contact a trusted siding replacement contractor in Johns Creek. You receive a free estimate for the work and the benefits of years of experience in the business.

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