Having Podiatric Treatment In Kenosha WI To Treat Foot Problems

by | May 20, 2016 | Health

Many women find they need to have Podiatric Treatment in Kenosha WI after they wear high-heeled shoes regularly. It is important to see a doctor at the first signs of foot trouble, as it can become worse if it is left untreated. It is best to wear flat-soled shoes as much as possible to help reduce the risk of foot troubles. Here are some of the problems women suffer from when wearing high heels more often than flats.

Wearing high heels will lead to a variety of foot problems. Since heels often have a pointed toe area, the person wearing them will need to squeeze their toes together in a small amount of space. This awkward positioning can lead to corns, bunions, hammertoe and other foot ailments. The person will need to grasp the bottom of the interior of the shoes with their toes in order to keep themselves from falling. Doing this day after day will cause pain and foot deformities.

Going to a podiatrist can help relieve problems in the feet after they arise. The doctor will take x-rays of the feet to make sure there are no problems with the bones caused by the shoes. They will have the person stand upon a scanning device to see how much of the bottom of their foot is touching the ground when they are not wearing shoes. These tests will help them decide on the best treatment for the problems the person is suffering from.

Some ailments will go away on their own or with topical treatments. Over time, the person may have a distorted stance, making it necessary to retrain the feet to provide the person stability when standing without heels on. The doctor may have the person fitted for insoles to put inside flat shoes to help with this task.

If someone is suffering from foot troubles from wearing heels, they should seek out Podiatric Treatment in Kenosha WI to help get relief. Contact Us to find out more about a practice dedicated to helping its patients with a variety of foot and ankle problems. An appointment can be scheduled to have an evaluation of the problem so treatment can be provided.

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