Have You Always Enjoyed Doing Your Friend’s Hair?

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Education & Colleges

When you study at a cosmetology school in Chicago it can open up many career paths for you.  Those can include a hair stylist, colorist, or perm technician and those are always in demand.  People from as young as a year old up 80 plus years get their hair done so there is a naturally built in client base. If you have shown an aptitude for and enjoy doing your friend’s and family’s hair, you just might have found the perfect opportunity for you.

You Will Master all the Tools of the Trade

Being trained in a school that makes sure that at the time of graduation you will be qualified to take and pass a licensing examination makes all the difference.  You will learn proper methods of hair styling including:

   *   Cutting, thinning, trimming and shaping
   *   Shaping
   *   Curling
   *   Hair Treatment
   *   The use of electrical and mechanical equipment

You will obtain both lessons in a classroom and practical training in the following:

   *   Chemical use protection
   *   Perm waving
   *   Hair color, tinting and bleaching
   *   Hair and scalp shampooing, conditioning and toning

You should also take classes in running a shop if that is what you aspire to someday, the standards of shop sanitation, and appropriate social relationship behaviors including:

   *   Labor Law
   *   Workers’ Comp
   *   Accounting
   *   Ethics
   *   Marketing

This is just a basic overview of courses that can be required in order for you to become a certified hair stylist and shop owner

When it is Time to Pick a School

One of the most important attributes you should be looking for in a school is that it is certified and meets all licensing requirements.  After graduation you are going to want to be able to take the State Licensing Exam and pass it plus graduating from an accredited school will increase your employment viability.  Check into Ms. Robert’s Beauty Academy as it meets all the requirements and more.

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