Have an Aging Parent? The Benefits of Independent Living

If you’re the child of an aging parent, there are some concerns that you might have. When you’re not with your parent, you might wonder whether or not he or she is capable of preparing meals, getting chores done, and even getting up and down the stairs, especially if your parent has some ailments. Independent living is an option for aging parents who may need some assistance, but prefer living alone instead of a nursing facility.

What Is an Independent Facility Like?

Independent living facilities are a lot like apartment complexes. The people who live there have their own space and privacy. They’ll have their own area with a living room, bedroom, and bathroom, and they won’t have to share a room with anyone else. However, if they need help, they’ll have it available because of the staff member who work on the premises. They can remind your parent to take his or her medication, help with the preparation of meals, and even handle laundry tasks.

What Else Does the Facility Offer?

The staff at the facility like to make sure that the people who live there are still getting out, socializing, and having a good time, regardless of their age. They often put together different social events and activities that everyone can do together.

Some nights they might throw a game night where everyone can play board games and card games together, while other days they might schedule field trips to local malls and attractions in the area. The kinds of activities that are offered could keep your parent busy and entertained so that he or she doesn’t feel lonely.

An independent living community is much different from a nursing home. It’s designed for aging adults who have retired and enjoy the perks of living independently, but also need some assistance here and there.

Dial Retirement Communities gives these adults the opportunity to have the help they need, but also do what they want to do and go about their lives freely. If you’re concerned about the extra help your parent needs, you might want to consider mentioning the independent living option.



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