Getting the Best Plants for Your Landscape

Much of the success or failure of a landscape design lies in the choices you make as you plan, install, and maintain your landscape. Our team of expert landscape designers in Jacksonville, FL can help you make the choices that yield the best results for your commercial or residential landscapes. Here are few key tips everyone should remember as they start the process of planning their landscapes:

Don’t Plant Too Close
One of the most common mistakes people make when they are designing and planting a landscape is the forget to consider spatial needs. It is important that you do not plant too close together or too close to buildings and other elements. Plants need room to grow and some plans will become much larger in a few years so you need to make sure they have room to reach their full size without being crowded out.

Think About the Long Term
Like mentioned above, you need to think about what your landscape will look like in a few years. Plants will grow and spread so you need to think about how they will look when they are much larger and fuller. You don’t want plants hitting against the buildings or crowding other plants or damaging structures like sidewalks and powerlines. So, try to envision things 5-10 years down the road if you can.

Be Realistic in Scope
The final issue many people have when they try to design and develop a landscape on their own is they have plans and visions that are beyond their capabilities. You need to be honest about the time and money you have to invest in your landscape and what your own personal skill level is for the care of that landscape.

If you need help, call Tree Amigos Outdoor Services and we will assist with any step of the design process!

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