Getting Basketball Courts Paving in Guilford CT Done

If a neighborhood park has basketball courts on their property for the townsfolk to use, the recreational committee will want to take the needed steps in maintaining it for these people. Calling a service to do basketball courts paving in Guilford, CT should be done periodically to revitalize a worn court so it looks like new. Here are some tips the committee can take in maintaining the court to it remains usable to those in the community.

Clean The Court Often

It is important for the committee to hire someone to take care of the basketball court area regularly. The asphalt surface should be cleaned to remove any debris left behind by those using the court. In addition to physical trash, there may be a build up of natural materials that end up on the asphalt during windy conditions. It is best to use a broom to sweep any debris from the court and dispose of it properly. If stains are present on the surface, a bucket of water and a mild detergent can be used to clean it from the asphalt.

Check For Damaged Areas

If there are cracks in the asphalt court, they will need to be repaired quickly. In the interim, it is best to hang a sign near the court indicating that it should not be used until the repair work is completed. Use asphalt cement to fill in any holes or cracks noticed. This will need to dry in its entirety before the court can be used. If the material leaves behind raised areas, a sander can be used to smooth the cement so it is uniform with the rest of the court.

Pave And Seal Every Few Years

It is best to call a professional to refresh the court with new asphalt and seal coating every few years. This will instantly give it a new appearance. The service will also take care of replacing painted lines on the court as necessary.

If a park’s basketball court is in need of a pick-me-up, a call can be made to a service that does basketball courts paving in Guilford, CT. Visit the website to find out more details!

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