Creating a Small Business for Car, Boat and RV Storage in Spokane WA

Creating a Small Business for Car, Boat and RV Storage in Spokane WA

Someone who resides on rural acreage just outside of the city might think of money-making opportunities to use that land for. One possibility would be to offer a limited amount of car, boat and RV Storage in Spokane WA. These storage areas are especially in demand during the winter months, but some individuals don’t have anywhere to store an RV or boat on their own land at any time of year. They also may own a car or other passenger vehicle they only drive during certain times of the year. They might have a big heavy-duty pickup truck they only drive in the winter, for example. In contrast, they might have an expensive muscle car they don’t want on the roads during the winter months.

First, the property owner must make sure that county zoning codes allow for this type of project. This often isn’t an issue, but there may be restrictions in rural neighborhoods about what types of businesses can be operated there. Second, the owner needs to have one or more structures built by a contractor such as Town & Country Builders Inc to house those vehicles. This person will want to consider the various advantages of metal, frame-built and bolted-truss buildings to be used as garages.

Many potential customers will appreciate being able to store their valuable belongings on a residential property rather than a commercial storage facility. They have the peace of mind knowing that somebody is usually there at the property. Effective security measures also can be put in place to deter would-be trespassers. It’s more likely that a property owner who lives relatively close to Spokane will receive the most business, as customers will find the short distance convenient. That’s particularly the case with customers who want to store a boat or RV during the week and use it every weekend.

This venture must be viewed as a long-term investment, since it will take a while to recoup the cost of the building construction. Nevertheless, many people need a place for RV Storage in Spokane WA, and also a place to store their powerboats and sports cars when those vehicles are not in use.

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