Get Legal Help After a Non-Violent or Violent Crime from a Criminal Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg MS

A non-violent crime is one that does not involve injury or force used on another person. Such a crime’s severity is typically measured in terms of economic losses sustained by the victim; most non-violent offenses involve property crimes like theft and larceny. Below is a brief explanation of the differences between violent and non-violent crimes.

What is a Violent Crime?

A violent crime involves the infliction of injury or the use of force on another person, and its seriousness is often determined by the extent of the harm suffered by the victim. In many cases, using a weapon can increase the severity of the offense. Some crimes are deemed violent even if there was no injury to the victim. For instance, a crime involving the threat of injury may qualify as violent, and a victim’s characteristics can increase the seriousness of charges; if a child, woman or law enforcement officer was a victim, the perpetrator may face enhanced penalties even if they hire a criminal defense attorney at T. Michael Reed.

Examples of Violent and Non-Violent Crimes

Non-violent crimes cover a wide range and they typically involve damage to other people’s property. Some of the offenses most commonly seen by a Criminal Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg MS include:

  *     Theft, embezzlement and receiving stolen property

  *     Tax evasion and fraud

  *     Alcohol and drug offenses

  *     Racketeering, gambling and prostitution

  *     Bribery

Violent crimes are offenses against people, meaning that another person has suffered harm. The most common violent crimes are:

  *     Assault/battery

  *     Domestic violence

  *     Robbery

  *     Sexual assault

  *     Homicide

  *     False imprisonment

In some instances, a non-violent crime can be elevated to a violent level. For example, fraud can involve violence if it’s forced under threat of bodily harm. Both types of offenses can result in severe legal consequences, but violent offenses usually have harsher penalties. Non-violent offenses typically carry short sentences and fines, with punishment increasing as the offense’s severity does.

Defenses to Non-Violent and Violent Crimes

A Criminal Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg MS can come up with various strategies in both types of cases, but the defense used will vary depending on the case’s facts. Properly raised defenses, such as consent or self-defense, can remove or reduce the penalty associated with an offense. A Criminal Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg MS can help clients in court and they can suggest a legitimate defense to charges. Get more details.

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