Get Help With Low Back Pain in St Louis

by | Sep 18, 2014 | Chiropractic

Most adults spend the majority of their time at work. Over the years all those hours of lifting, sitting, bending over, and standing can take their toll on the muscles in the lower back. In most cases the pain starts as a mild discomfort. After a while the discomfort becomes pain. The pain eventually becomes unbearable and a doctor will prescribe pain medication. Pain medication often helps with the pain, but it doesn’t prevent the pain from coming back. The only way to deal with Low Back Pain in St Louis is to treat the problem that is causing the pain. Most often the pain is caused by an inflamed muscle or nerve. In some cases the spine can become misaligned, causing severe pain and inability to walk or move in certain ways.

Low Back Pain in St Louis is a serious issue, and should be treated by a chiropractor. A Back And Neck Care Center can help find the right treatment and prevent the pain from returning after proper treatment has been given. Because the pain is caused by an issue that developed over a long period of time it might take several treatments to make the pain manageable. The level of pain and severity of the injury will determine the course of treatment. In some cases pain medication may still be necessary. Lower back pain might not seem like a big deal, but if the cause of the pain isn’t treated it can become much worse over time, and eventually can become untreatable.

Back pain is usually an indication that damage has been done to the spine, nerves, or muscle tissue in the back. The only way to treat lower back pain is to treat the problems that cause the pain. Symptomatic treatment is not only ineffective, it could actually make the problem worse. By reducing the pain caused by back problems the symptoms are only masked. Continuing to do the things that caused the damage in the first place will only cause more damage. Simply masking the symptom with pain medication makes it possible to do even more damage. In order to prevent lower back pain the cause of the pain must be treated, not the symptom.


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