Get Help from a Real Estate Lawyer in Auburn, Indiana with Your Purchase Agreement

Get Help from a Real Estate Lawyer in Auburn, Indiana with Your Purchase Agreement

In the process of buying a home, the purchase agreement is one of the most important documents. Signing a purchase agreement without the aid of a real estate lawyer in Auburn, Indiana can be detrimental and can cause a buyer to enter into a contract without fully knowing what they are getting themselves into. This information seeks to help home buyers understand the importance of hiring a lawyer to help them through the process of purchasing a home.

Understanding the Purchase Agreement

Although many real estate agents and sellers use standard forms, these are not always easy to understand. It is imperative a buyer understands every aspect of the purchase agreement before they sign so they will know each detail they are agreeing to. A lawyer can help explain the form and make any necessary changes to help protect their client’s rights. There are several issues that should be addressed in the purchase agreement.

* The agreement should list any alterations and certify they were carried out legally and according to code.

* The purchase agreement should address any issues the buyer discovers through inspection such as termites, asbestos, or lead paint.

* The purchase agreement should also address what happens if the closing does not occur on the listed date.

* The purchase agreement should outline what happens to the buyer’s deposit, should they change their mind about purchasing the home.

* The agreement should also inform the buyer of their legal rights regarding any alterations they want to make to the property.

* The lawyer will need to check the purchase agreement to ensure it carefully addresses issues that may arise regarding the buyer obtaining financing.

Get Help from a Lawyer Today

It is wise for a buyer to meet with a real estate lawyer in Auburn, Indiana before they make the decision to purchase a home. If nothing else, it is crucial for a buyer to have the lawyer review the purchase agreement so it can be carefully checked for any potential issues.

Many buyers also hire a lawyer to be there for the closing. To schedule an appointment, contact the office of Yoder & Kraus right away so they can help.

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