Get Help From A Window Treatment Service In Manhattan, NY

A well-decorated room is easy to achieve with window treatments. That is because windows are the focal point of most rooms. Homeowners can easily personalize the room by hiring a window treatment service in Manhattan, NY.

The Simpler The Better

Many homeowners prefer cleaner, sleek designs. If that is the case, shades and blinds are great tools for the windows. In fact, natural woven shades are trending right now. Bamboo shades are very popular because bamboo is a sustainable material.

Homes lose a lot of energy through uninsulated windows. Try energy-efficient cellular shades to remedy the problem. Air gets trapped in the layers of the shades, and this provides natural insulation. Moreover, cellular shades come in a variety of colors to complement any room.

Curtains Are Always Popular

A window treatment service in Manhattan, NY knows how to make a room pop. Designers are showing customers many new trends in curtains. A popular concept is layering curtains in different textures. For example, layer lace and silk panels in shades of the same color.

Curtains made from luxury fabrics remain in demand. Popular materials include silk, damask, and velvet. Quick ways to add luxury include sewing a velvet or grosgrain stripe down a pair of neutral sheers. Further, add interest with jeweled embellishments.

When it comes to color, try jewel-tones to liven up any room. Bright aquamarine, orange and yellow are cheery tones to brighten the cloudiest day. Brown is the latest basic tone while charcoal and slate are the new neutrals.

Metallics Make A Move

After several years, metallics are moving back into style. Preferred metallics include silver, gold, bronze and stainless steel. Designers suggest using plain metal rods with metallic fabrics. Additionally, stainless steel is not just for the kitchen anymore. Use stainless steel window hardware throughout the house for an updated feel.

One of the fun trends in window design is smart technology. Motorized shades and blinds are all the rage. In fact, the trend goes along with whole-house automation. Use the smart phone to raise and lower the curtains. Moreover, homeowners can tell “Alexa,” to open the blinds and close them at a certain time. For more information, visit Interiors by J.C. Landa.

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