Get a Fresh Start: Learn How From a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Lawrence, KS

by | Feb 9, 2015 | Lawyers

Bankruptcy is something everyone wants to avoid, but there are those times when it is unavoidable. While it can be difficult to obtain credit for a few years following a bankruptcy, it is still possible to keep, or even improve, your standard of living. Instead of looking at this like the end, look at it as a fresh start. Bankruptcy can be the beginning of a much better financial life.

A Bankruptcy Lawyer in Lawrence KS, will explain how it is possible to file bankruptcy and hold on to certain assets. Laws vary depending on the state where people file and the type of bankruptcy they qualify for, but some property is exempt, possibly even a primary vehicle and home. In some instances, clothing, furnishings, and some jewelry can be kept without worry. Obviously, any money balances you owe on the home or vehicle will still need to be paid.

After filing, you will no longer have all of those late fees and charges taking away all of your resources. This will free up your cash to make it possible to pay utilities, buy groceries, or get the other necessities you have previously been going without.

If you are sensible with your finances following a bankruptcy, it is very possible that you will see your credit rating increase quickly. Many banks and other lenders are willing to work with people who have been through a bankruptcy as long as they are showing a real commitment to paying their debts going forward. Plus, once debts are discharged, the clock begins to tick down on when they will be removed from your credit report. It will take years before they are gone but, by paying current debts, the old debt will become less damaging.

A Bankruptcy Lawyer in Lawrence KS, will be able to help you fill out the forms and declare your assets appropriately. They will also assist you in choosing what type of bankruptcy you actually qualify to file. Choosing incorrectly will result in a dismissal of your case and will prevent you from filing again for a particular period of time. Visit to learn how to avoid this type of event.

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