Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting An Emergency Dental Clinic For A Missing Filling

Individuals often need to have a filling placed inside a tooth to repair damage caused by decay. It’s not unheard of for a filling to become loose and fall out of a tooth. When this occurs, the tooth is no longer protected and many individuals will have pain in the tooth. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn about visiting Dental Clinic Edmonton.

Why is a missing filling in a tooth considered a dental emergency?

When an individual loses a filling in their tooth, it often causes pain and so it’s necessary to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. When a filling is missing, it leaves an opening in the tooth and can cause additional decay of the tooth. Additional tooth damage can also occur since the tooth structure isn’t as stable when the filling is gone.

What can individuals expect when they visit an emergency dentist for a lost filling?

The dentist will examine the tooth and remove any pieces of the filling that may still be in the tooth. The dentist will also clean out the debris and any new decay that has formed in the tooth. The last step is to place a new filling in the exposed area of the tooth.

What are some steps that people can take to prevent a filling from falling out of their tooth?

A filling often stays in a tooth for a person’s lifetime and individuals can take steps to prevent them from becoming loose or falling out of the tooth. Biting down on hard foods, such as candy, popcorn kernels and ice cubes can cause a filling to break or become loose. Chewing on sticky candy, such as caramels and taffy is another common reason why people lose a filling. To help keep a filling in a tooth for as long as possible, individuals should avoid biting down on these substances. If a mishap does occur, individuals should visit an Emergency Dental Clinic as soon as possible to get a new filling placed in their tooth.

When individuals have a dental emergency, they can count on same day services at Trusted Dentistry. Visit their website at Website Domain for their locations and hours of operation for emergencies. Patients aren’t required to have an appointment and they can come directly to the clinic for a dental emergency. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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