Frequently Asked Questions About Keeping Home Carpeting In Chicago Looking New

Frequently Asked Questions About Keeping Home Carpeting In Chicago Looking New

Many homeowners prefer the look and feel of carpeting as a flooring material in their home. After purchasing new carpeting at a business that specializes in home carpeting in Chicago, individuals want their flooring material to look new and clean for as long as possible. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn how to keep carpets in the home looking new for many years.

Q.) What is the best way to get stains and dirt out of home carpeting?

A.) When dirt or a stain is seen on the carpet, individuals should remove it as quickly as possible. If an individual waits a long time to remove a stain, it will often cause more damage to the carpet, and the stain may not come out as easily. Liquid stains should be blotted with a cloth until most of the stain is removed. Individuals should never rub the cloth back and forth on the stain as this will cause it to adhere to the carpet fibers. When a food stain is on the carpet, the food should be picked up and any residue should also be carefully blotted from the floor. After this step, individuals should apply a carpet cleaner that’s recommended for their specific type of carpet and follow the directions on the container. Loose dirt should always be vacuumed up as soon as possible because walking on the carpet will cause the dirt to be pushed down into the fibers.

Q.) How can individuals keep their carpets looking new for as long as possible?

A.) Keeping the carpet regularly vacuumed will greatly extend the life of the carpet. Dirt can break down and damage the carpet fibers, and this causes the carpet to wear faster. Professional carpet cleaning once every couple of years will remove all the dirt from the carpets and help to extend the life of the carpet. Placing rugs in areas of the home where there is an excessive amount of activity will also help to keep carpets looking new. Purchasing durable carpet from a company that provides home carpeting in Chicago will also ensure a long-lasting flooring material.

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