Common Homeowner Questions About Roof Repair In Independence Kansas

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Roofing

When homeowners learn they need repairs on their shingle roof, it’s imperative to get the repairs completed as quickly as possible. Homeowners can’t wait for months to get the repairs done because if it rains, a damaged roof will often leak. By reading the questions and answers below homeowners will learn more about the immediate need of hiring a contractor for roof repair in Independence Kansas.

What are some common reasons why a shingle roof will begin leaking?

Most of the time a shingle roof leaks because there is damage to the shingles or there are shingles missing from the roof. Shingles that have sustained damage may curl up at the edges, or they may crack, which allows water to drip into the house. Strong winds are known for blowing shingles off the roof and when this occurs, the roof is no longer protected. It’s also not uncommon for the roof to develop a leak around the base of the chimney or along the perimeter of a skylight.

How can a homeowner tell if their roof needs to be repaired or if the whole roof should be replaced?

Once a roofing contractor inspects the roof, the amount of damage to the roof is noted and relayed to the homeowner. If the damage has occurred to just a few shingles or in a small area on the roof, the roofing crew can quickly make the needed repairs. When flashing is missing around the bottom of the chimney, the crew can replace the missing component on the roof. If there is excessive damage to the entire roof, it’s best to have the whole roof replaced by a company that provides roof repair in Independence Kansas.

How often should homeowners have their roof inspected for missing and damaged shingles?

To make sure that there aren’t any missing shingles or damage to the roof that could cause a leak, homeowners should schedule a roof inspection at least every two years. If there has been a large storm or high winds, homeowners may want to schedule an earlier inspection to make sure they don’t have roof damage.

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