Frequently Asked Questions About Companies That Provide Rigging In Austin

Moving and setting up heavy equipment and machinery isn’t a job that just anyone can perform. Due to the enormous size and weight of this type of machinery, only trained and experienced professionals should execute this type of job. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn important information about hiring a company for Rigging in Austin.

Q.) Does the company follow safety standards when moving and setting up heavy equipment?

A.) Safety should be the number one priority for professional heavy equipment movers. Before hiring a company, learn about their safety practices and how they’re used on the job. Companies that have an outstanding safety program require safety training for their employees while on the job and also at off-site locations. It’s also important to find out if the company follows the rules and regulations that are put in place by OSHA and if they follow the proper procedures when moving hazardous materials.

Q.) Is there a certain weight requirement that needs to be met when hiring a company for moving or rigging?

A.) A company that specializes in moving and rigging in Austin won’t have a weight requirement for items that need to be moved. Experienced professionals can move equipment that’s any size, type, or weight. Trained company employees can move a single object or they can move multiple heavy machines and set them up in a new facility.

Q.) Do moving and rigging companies offer other services to their customers?

A.) Many customers also take advantage of additional services that are offered by moving and rigging companies. These may include crating services, laser alignment, electrostatic painting, and retrofitting. Some companies also provide storage facilities for large machinery and other items that need to be safely stored before they’re ready to be moved. Other services may include container transport, hot-shot delivery, and forklift rental. Consumers can ask about additional machine and transportation services if needed.

When you need heavy equipment rigging or if your equipment needs to be moved to a different location, contact the professionals at DFW Movers and Erectors Inc. This experienced company specializes in various services for numerous industries including automotive, medical, aerospace, and mechanical contractors.

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