The Best Charlotte, NC, Storage Facilities

The Best Charlotte, NC, Storage Facilities

Moving is often a chaotic time for families in Charlotte, NC, and it is not uncommon for issues to arise between when the seller has to be out of the current residence and into the new residence. This can happen for many different reasons, including delays in the construction of custom homes or even problems with the new home that need to be addressed before moving in.

When these types of timing problems occur, working with movers with storage facilities is the ideal solution to the problem. These movers can store your household contents in Charlotte, NC, or they may have a warehouse and storage facility in the location of your new home.

Dedicated Storage

Not all moving companies have their own storage facilities. Some use rental facilities and simply pass on the charges to their customers. This is the least desirable option as it can be extremely difficult to claim any type of damage or loss should anything happen to your items in storage.

The best option is to ask the movers if they have their own dedicated storage facilities. These are maintained by the moving company and used exclusively by the movers.

The Benefits

With storage provided by the moving company, customers can have the peace of mind of knowing their items are fully protected by a security camera, fire suppression systems and separate, locked vaults that are designed to keep your items safe.

In addition, these storage warehouses are only accessed by the moving company staff. This means there are no strangers wandering in and out of the facility, providing an extra layer of security for your items.

With complete ventilation and room to store your possessions in secure and safe buildings, this is a perfect option for short or long term storage needs during your move.

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