Frequently Asked Questions About Brick Veneers And Masonry Contractors In Nassau County NY

The appearance of the outside of your home can greatly enhance the look and value of your house and property. If you like the appearance of a brick exterior, but you find it’s too costly, consider hiring Masonry Contractors in Nassau County NY to install veneers. Below you’ll read frequently asked questions about installing brick veneers on the outside of your home.

Q.) What are brick veneers and how are they installed on the outside of the house?

A.) Brick veneers are made mostly out of shale and clay and when installed on your home, they closely resemble actual bricks. The panels have a one-inch thickness and they’re installed in a similar fashion as bricks by using mortar. If you decide to have Brick Veneer installed on your home, contact a qualified masonry contractor to perform the job for you.

Q.) What are some advantages of having brick veneers installed on the house?

A.) Since brick veneers are thinner than actual bricks, they don’t weigh as much. Due to this factor, this material can be installed on almost any surface without any additional structural reinforcements. Brick veneers are less costly than bricks and labor costs are also cheaper. This type of home exterior material requires very little maintenance and the veneers last for many years. Brick veneers will help to insulate your home and reduce your heating bill by keeping cold air out of your house in the winter.

Q.) What are the various colors of brick veneers that are available?

A.) Homeowners can choose from numerous textures and shades of brick veneers that will enhance the style and color scheme of any home. Popular colors include shades of tan, red, cream, black and white. Some of the textures available include vertical grooves, horizontal lines and satin smooth finishes. After selecting a specific texture and color of brick veneers, qualified masonry contractors in Nassau County NY can professionally install them on your house.

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