Focus on the Right Things When Looking for a Small-Business Internet Provider

by | Oct 23, 2015 | Internet

With digital communications today being so important to companies of all kinds, finding and sticking with a reliable Internet Provider is critical to doing business. While most business owners will find that they have a number of options before them, the truth is that not all of these will be equipped to handle the demands of modern companies. In fact, making sure to focus on the right things when trying to settle on an Internet Provider can be just as important as any other business-related decision.

Many who are responsible for making these arrangements understandably place a lot of emphasis on advertised connection speeds. While these can be of the utmost importance to companies in a select few industries, the truth is that many operations need relatively little in the way of bandwidth.

The everyday business of most companies will involve a lot of sending and receiving of text, a medium that requires little in terms of bandwidth. Hundreds of thousands of emails, for example, can often be downloaded and sent with less bandwidth usage than even a few minutes of a high quality video might require.

For many companies, it will, therefore, make more sense to focus on other things entirely. An Internet connection that cannot be relied upon cannot help a business that pays for it as much as it might. For this reason, it can be a good idea to look into service level agreements that will guarantee refunds or credits whenever a connection might go down.

This will invariably give a provider more of an incentive to ensure that a connection stays usable at all times. While it is still to be expected that extraordinary events will result in outages, having a strong service level agreement in place will often improve availability by a noticeable amount.
Some companies, such as those in the design and animation industries, will still need to focus on acquiring enough bandwidth to allow for regular operations. In many other cases, though, it will be much more productive to look for things like service level agreements that might normally receive less attention. That can greatly improve the utility and overall value that a particular connection will offer.

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