Five Bathroom Luxuries for your Remodel

by | Oct 10, 2014 | Plumbing

Remodelling bathrooms in Bristol involves some basic planning and design. However you can also include some indulgent luxuries to make your bathroom more relaxing. Here are five bathroom luxuries for you to consider for your bathroom remodel:

1. Heated Floors: Waking in the morning and treading into your bathroom bare footed usually leads to cold toes. A heated floor is the ultimate in comfort offering warm, radiant heat underfoot. Whether you are using the bathroom in the middle of the night, getting ready in the morning or stepping out of a warm tub after a hard day at work, warm heated flooring is the perfect luxury for toasty warm toes.

2. Ambient Light: You can add interesting ambient lighting in a number of ways to enhance the look of your bathroom. Bathrooms Bristol designers create always have an additional form of dramatic lighting whether it is elegant sparkle from wall scones, interesting lighting around the tub, or overhead lighting in the shower.

3. Heated Towel Racks: Heated towel racks are an easy addition to any bathroom remodel. You can have a warm towel when you step out of the shower or tub and wrap your little ones in a cosy embrace to help calm them for bedtime.

4. Steam Shower: Steam showers offer an excellent way to relax as well as soothe aching muscles after a work out or when you have the flu. It can also help clear your sinuses. Steam showers are easy to operate and can still be used as a standard shower when you need it.

5. No Touch Toilets: For a perfectly hygienic bathroom consider adding the latest in toilet technology. Touchless toilets allow you to flush away your worries with a simple wave of your hand for less contamination on bathroom surfaces.

6. Dual Sinks: Dual sinks are a must for couples to avoid congestion in the bathroom. They also work well for families during the morning and bed time rush.

7. High End Finishes: When undergoing a bathroom remodel it is the time to indulge in some high end finishes. You don’t want to make decisions on tiles, lighting and tubs that you will regret down the road. It is far more affordable to do the changes all at once instead of settling for a lower quality tile or light fixture you will hate in a year.

When you are remodelling, bathrooms in Bristol deserve a little luxury with any or all of these upscale additions.

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