Finding an Excellent Plastic Surgeon

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Health

If you are looking for a high quality cosmetic surgeon in Lisle, IL, then you may be unsure as to where to start. If you have never had a plastic surgery performed, then it can be overwhelming sifting through the different surgeons in your area. This is a choice that you are going to have to live with for the rest of your life, so your decision is crucial. A procedure that is successful will not only allow you to feel more like yourself, but also give you the confidence boost you have been looking for.

Board Certification

Many individuals believe that they can rely on the state medical boards alone to ensure that the surgeons that they choose are qualified to perform the procedures that they say that they can. However, the government does not currently require a surgeon to be trained in the procedures that they advertise. This can cause a big problem when it comes to searching for a cosmetic surgeon to perform your next procedure. Surgeons do this in order to increase their profits.

Consumers deserve to have a way to find out if their surgeon is properly experienced and trained in the field of cosmetic surgery. That is why the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery created a board that’s sole responsibility is to promote the proper training, certification, and education to plastic surgeons.

Experience in Your Procedure

Since you already understand the importance of board certification when it comes to cosmetic surgery, you need to take into consideration the different sub-specialties that are out there. Each specific area of surgery requires a different type of skill set. If a surgeon is operating on a nose then they must know all there is to know about cartilage, bone, as well as breathing passages which can be completely different than any other area of the body. So it is absolutely essential that the plastic surgeon you choose has adequate experience in the procedure they are performing on you.

Questions to Ask

There are a few questions you should ask your potential plastic surgeon:

  *  How many times have you done this type of procedure?
  *  How many years of experience do you have performing this procedure?
  *  What type of training did you have in this procedure?

Plastic surgery is not something to take lightly. This is why it is so very important that you find a surgeon who has the experience to match their certification and skills.

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