Why Families are Hiring Air Travel Companions

Why Families are Hiring Air Travel Companions

CNN Traveler says that there is a medical emergency reported in every 604 flights. That amounts to about 44,000 in-flight medical emergencies everywhere in the world for the entire year. And while flight attendants have training in emergency responses, they’re not going to be enough in case of a serious flight trauma case. Hiring an air travel companion with nursing or medical experience is a safer and far more sensible alternative if a loved one already has a preexisting condition.

Here are other advantages you can expect from hiring one:

Medical assistance

If a loved one requires wheelchair assistance or special seating needs, hiring a companion during your flight is an excellent way to cover your bases. With so many medical emergencies happening during a flight, it’s better to have ready and able help if or when you or a loved one ends up requiring one.

Convenient travel

In cases that involve repatriating sick or injured patients, relatives often have no choice but to transport a sick or infirm loved one and buy a return ticket themselves. With this service, relatives no longer need to take time off work to collect relatives themselves. Families can simply hire an air travel companion with training in critical care to watch over their loved ones and make sure they’re administered any necessary medication.

Less worries

It can be a daunting idea to allow a sick loved one to travel alone. If you’re sending over an elderly relative on a flight, you won’t have to lose sleep over the thought of sending them on that flight on their own. Hiring an air travel companion will mean zero worries. You can have peace of mind, knowing someone’s going to be there to administer any medication needed or assistance during the flight. If you need to get infirm or sick loved ones home for the holidays, this is an excellent option to consider.

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