The Facts About Car Accidents with an Expired License

The Facts About Car Accidents with an Expired License

Have you looked at your driver’s license lately and noticed the expiration date? Most of use don’t do this very often. In fact, a large amount of people forget about it entirely and only find out about the expiration when they are pulled over. When this happens, you may face fines and penalties on top of being required to renew your license.

A traffic stop is one thing, but what if you end up in an accident? This is a much more complicated situation if your license is expired. There are serious legal consequences that can occur, especially if it’s determined that you caused the accident. You may find legal charges and more as this will void your auto insurance too. At that point you’ll definitely need the help of Lindenhurst auto accident lawyers.

Consequences of an Invalid License in an Accident

Just to show you how this situation can escalate, we’ll provide an example of an accident and what might happen if you are found with an expired license.

  1. The police will arrive to do their investigation, at which point they will ask to see your license. Once they conclude that it is expired, you will be ticketed for driving without a valid license.
  2. Following the investigation, you may be required to stand in front of a judge. At this time you will be asked questions about why your license was not renewed when it should have been.
  3. If the accident was not your fault, there is a chance you will recover damages through the other person’s insurance policy.
  4. If they believe the accident was your fault, things will get worst quickly. Your insurance plan will be voided and you’ll be required to pay damages out of your own money. On top of that, you’ll have fines to deal with as well.

What You Should Do

If you caused an accident and your license is expired, there are specific steps you should take. You should stay at the scene and wait for the police rather than running and hiring. You should explain exactly what happened in a truthful manner. You should then hire one of the many Lindenhurst auto accident lawyers to help you out in court.

The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, P.C. specialize in these situations and would be happy to offer you a free consultation to determine your options. You can reach the office by calling 855-760-6746.

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