Facts About Child Custody; Hiring Child Custody Lawyers in Columbus OH

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If you are interested in obtaining sole or joint custody of your child, it is crucial that you get prepared for a legal battle, since child custody issues will often end up in court. More often than not, parents living separately will be unable to reach an agreement about child custody, necessitating the intervention of the court to determine who among the disputing spouses will get custody. In such a case, it is advisable to get the legal assistance of child custody lawyers in Columbus OH. The following facts may be helpful in your quest to get child custody.

Types of child custody

The kind of child custody you will get will determine the legal rights you will have while the child is in your care. Types of child custody include:

* Joint custody: This custody will entail the possession of legal and/or physical custody of the child by both parents. Both parents will have equal rights to spend time and share with their children. Moreover, both parents will have the right to make decisions regarding the upbringing of the children, including deciding on which school the children will attend as well as under what religion they will be raised.

* Sole custody: This type of custody will confer both the physical and decision making authority to one parent. The other parent will often be given visitation rights during the weekends and school breaks.

Enforcement of custody orders

The law requires strict adherence to the child custody orders issued by the court. In the event that a parent refuses to adhere to these orders, the other parent will have the right to petition to the court to enforce their child custody rights. Unwarranted interference with the custody granted to a parent will also give them a right to petition. If a parent is found to have interfered with the other parent’s custody, they may be held liable for contempt.

In order to get child custody, you will have to show that you are more suitable in bringing up your children, based on the best interest of your children. It is therefore essential that you get legal representation by the most competent child custody lawyers in Columbus OH.

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