Facts about Aluminum Awnings in Baltimore MD

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

An awning, when it’s installed on a window, terrace or balcony, provides protection from direct sunlight, rain or ice, drafts, without blocking the view of the surroundings. The view from the house is higher when windows and doors are covered with colored awnings and an appropriate style. Decks, balconies and terraces can become major areas that become additional ventilated rooms with the appropriate use of aluminum awnings in Baltimore MD. Metal awnings are typically made of copper, iron, steel or aluminum, depending on the building’s architectural requirements.

Generally speaking, vertical metal awnings and window (including door and window awnings) are solidly constructed of strong materials, made for all-weather resistance to rain, sun and wind. Depending on the awning’s individual configuration and shape, they are available in striped or solid styles and come in various colors. They also come in several diverse types, depending on each individual functional requirement. Many people who order metal awnings also buy Master Seal doors because of their durability, safety and affordability.

Horizontal panel awnings with window blinds have an angled design with spaces between the slats that allow you to see outside. However, no one can see inside due to the design of overlapping sheets, which also allows sunlight to indirectly filter. Aluminum Awnings in Baltimore MD are usually large with a beautifully enameled baked-on finish that resists cracking, bending and peeling. Retractable awnings or rolling shutters are constructed from highly-structured, flexible horizontal slats, showing no visible space between the slats when it’s open.

All types of awnings are controlled with an all-round crank or pull cord. Storm awnings are specifically manufactured with materials of high strength and can be pulled downward to protect and cover the entire window and surrounding surface during a storm or like event. Aluminum awnings for doors are designed to help keep entrances, landings and stairs free of excessive rain water. They must be installed with a clearance to allow doors to stay open and for people to come and go without hitting their head. Copper, iron, steel or rigid type aluminum awnings in Baltimore MD are great for protecting windows and doors from the elements.

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