5 Tips for Buying Flowers for Men at a Florist in Ankeny

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Women often expect to receive flowers for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and other special occasions, but this doesn’t mean that men don’t appreciate similar gestures. If you really want to surprise the special guy in your life, visit a florist in Ankeny to find a floral gift that will brighten his day.

Select Bold Primary Colors for Dominant Flowers
Dominant flowers are the “main attractions” of a floral arrangement. Pastel colors might appeal to the ladies, but guys prefer bolder colors for more masculine arrangements. You can’t go wrong with reds, blues, and greens. Yellows are usually safe, and white blooms create an attractive contrast. Avoid pinks and purples, especially if the recipient is averse to feminine colors.

Choose Green Filler
Filler material fleshes out your floral arrangement and is inserted between dominant flowers. While baby’s breath, bouvardia, and other pale-colored filler materials complement feminine floral arrangements nicely, they don’t always work well in those meant for guys. Ask your florist in Ankeny to use greenery as filler. Ferns, holly, and ivy are three excellent choices.

Go with a Masculine Container
Simple vases are always excellent choices for floral arrangements, but if you’re buying flowers for a man, why not indulge his masculine side? Select a container that reflects both his gender and his personality. A container shaped like a truck, Bar-B-Q pit, or fire engine, for example, might suit your special guy.

Add a Gift
If you think the man in your life might balk at the idea of receiving flowers, throw in a gift you know he’d love. Select a box of cigars, a bottle of wine, or a tin of his favorite cookies. He’ll appreciate the thoughtful gesture and have something to enjoy while he admires your floral arrangement.

Stick with Plants
Men who view themselves as “macho” might take issue with a standard-issue floral arrangement. If you’re worried about insulting his masculinity, send him a plant instead of a floral arrangement. A potted palm or container garden will lift his spirits. Plus, plants last longer than cut flowers, so he’ll be able to enjoy your gesture longer.

Men like to receive gifts just as much as women, and green gifts are the best. Click here to find a floral arrangement your guy will love.

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