Factors to Consider for a Residential Air Conditioner Replacement in Chesapeake, VA

A sanitary living environment is paramount to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One of the most favorable ways to achieve this is to have clean indoor air. For indoor air to be as free as possible of allergens, toxins, and other undesirable substances, it’s necessary for an air conditioner to work at optimal levels. Unfortunately, certain influences can necessitate a residential air conditioner replacement in Chesapeake VA. Consider the following factors to make a prudent decision when replacing your current AC system.

The age of an air conditioner is a primary factor in determining its usefulness. On average, the useful life of this appliance is 13 to 15 years. However, improper maintenance, overuse, and avoidance of needed repairs can shorten this time period. If your air conditioner is nearing the end of or beyond this time span, it may be worthwhile to purchase another unit. Doing so can save on utility costs since older units often require more energy to function. In addition, older air conditioners tend to release more greenhouse gasses. Newer units are designed to better protect the environment from these ozone-depleting gasses. In short, a Residential Air Conditioner Replacement in Chesapeake VA can reduce energy costs and benefit the environment.

Another factor to consider is the number of repairs your AC unit has required in the past two to three years. More than two major and three minor repairs within the last few years can indicate the need for a new air conditioner. An individual can attempt a temporary patch, but this is not a true repair and can endanger household occupants if it’s done in a haphazard manner. Before deciding on a purchase, call the issuer of any warranty the AC unit has. This written coverage may cover the cost of a professional repair or a replacement.

By evaluating these influences, it will be simpler to make a decision on the serviceability of your AC system. Doing this will help contribute to indoor air that is breathable. For information on AC services including repairs and maintenance, please consult an expert at R.A. Styron Heating & Air Conditioning or check out website. This group of specialists offers HVAC services for all building including homes and offices.

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