Factors to Consider When Buying Compressors PA

Factors to Consider When Buying Compressors PA

Air compressors are vital pieces of equipment that are useful for many applications. Though they come in different shapes and sizes, they all perform similar functions. Before purchasing a compressor, the purpose for which it is to be used must be fully understood.The following are important factors to consider when purchasing Compressors in PA.


When buying air compressors, the horsepower rating corresponds to the amount of air it can produce. It also determines the different kinds of applications it can be used for. A compressor with a high horsepower rating must also have a high CFM rating for it to operate heavier and bigger machines. For compressors that will be used for a protracted period of time, it’s recommended that compressors with high CFM and horsepower rating be purchased in order to avoid the risk of overheating.

CFM Rating

The CFM rating is the cubic feet per minute rating of the compressor. It determines the amount of air being produced by the compressor. This rating also relates to its PSI. It basically measures the compressor’s air flow. Some pneumatic tools require a larger amount of air than some other tools and as such, would require compressors with higher CFM rating.

PSI Rating

The PSI measures the force of the air pressure being delivered by the compressor. Most tools work at the default rating of 90 PSI, but good quality air compressors exceed that rating. This means that compressors with PSI values of below 90 are not ideal for prolonged use and end up reducing the tool’s efficiency.

Tank Capacity

The tank capacity of the compressor dictates how much air it can hold. They usually come in a variety of types and sizes but it is generally recommended to purchase tanks that are large enough to match the motor and its application. Motors that are very powerful require more air and using compressors with smaller tanks will cause the motor to strain itself trying to refill the tank every time its air capacity gets exhausted.

Portability and mobility

The size of the compressor must also be considered. Depending on its use, compressors may need to be moved all the time from one location to another. For home use, smaller compressors that are also light should be purchased. Individuals are looking to purchase quality Compressors PA should visit Air Center Inc. For more information and inquiries, please Browse the website.

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