Applications for Industrial Air Compressors in PA

Applications for Industrial Air Compressors in PA

Air compressors vary wildly in size and application, from small, portable units designed for on-the-go use to immense industrial units designed to power manufacturing processes. This article will briefly discuss the various applications of Industrial air compressors PA business owners need to know about before they purchase new equipment.

Automotive Industry

Industrial air compressors are used extensively in automotive manufacturing. They are used for stamping, forming, conveying parts, and powering the various tools required to create a completed vehicle.

Wood and Lumber Industry

The wood and lumber industry makes extensive use of air compressors as well. Tasks as diverse as sawing, clamping, and hoisting large pieces of lumber can be performed most efficiently with an industrial air compressor. Modern methods for pressure treatment often make use of air compressors as well.

Metal Fabrication Industry

Metal fabrication requires a good deal of tools, many of which are powered by air compressors along with a variety of industrial-scale machinery. With Industrialair compressors PA metal fabricators can power their assembly stations, actuators, and controls. Spraying and injection molding also require the use of an industrial-scale compressor in many cases.

Textiles Industry

Textile manufacturers use air compressors to agitate liquids, convey and clamp materials, and control automated equipment. Spinning, weaving, and creating textured fabrics can all be accomplished more easily through the use of an air compressor as well.

Plastics and Rubber Industry

Air compressors are often used to power mold presses designed to create plastic and rubber products. They are also used in the forming and injection molding phases of fabricating rubber and plastic goods.

Glass and Stone Industry

Glassblowers and clay and stone workers use air compressors for conveying, mixing, and blending materials. Glassblowers also use them extensively in the blowing and cooling processes.

Find the Right Compressor Today

No matter what industry readers work in, they’ll need to ensure that they look into all of their options before purchasing new or used industrial-scale air compressors, as these complex pieces of equipment can be quite expensive. The dedicated staff at Air Center Inc. can be extremely helpful when it comes to helping customers choose the right equipment. Visit to learn about popular brands or get in touch for a free quote today.

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