Enjoy All the Colors of the Sea Right in Your Home with Aquariums in New York

A well-kept aquarium, much as an old family heirloom, is a thing to be proud of; besides that, it can provide years of pleasure to all who behold it. Exotic, brightly colored sea life will swim past admirers while children push their faces to the glass just to get a glimpse of that ever-elusive fish in the back of the tank.

The joy and excitement of the ocean can be brought into your space in the form of aquariums in New York. Kept as either a centerpiece or a constant comfort in the background, these tanks of oceanic wonder can keep you mesmerized with their beauty.

What Kind of Tank Is Right for You?

Just as humans, fish come in all different shapes and sizes. In the same way, so do fish tanks. For a small desktop fish tank, a two- to five-gallon tank should suffice. This is enough tank space for a few smaller fish. If you are interested in more impressive aquariums, you should be looking for a tank that holds more than 200 gallons of water. As a rule of thumb, count on at least one gallon of water per every inch of fish that you want to have.

Tanks come in many different shapes as well. There is the classic round fishbowl and the rectangular tank that is very common nowadays. There are also many tanks that are meant to be placed flush to a corner or wall. These come in pentagonal, hexagonal, cubic, bowfront, and quarter- and half-cylinder shapes. Ultimately, the style of tank that you decide to use will be decided by the aesthetic you want and the desired placement of your aquarium.

Now That You’ve Decided on a Tank, it’s Time to Put Something in it!

The most exciting part of preparing a fish tank is deciding what to put in it. You should research further about the different kinds of props that can go in a fish tank. Sunken ship themes are popular for bigger tanks while coral reef themes are popular for all tank sizes. Some themes will need more tank space to look pleasing. Keep in mind that this will be the home for your fish so when you are putting together your tank, make sure that you provide plenty of space for the fish!

Now it’s time to add the fish! Make sure that your fish are compatible together before placing them in the tank. Some predatory fish might attack other fish, so it is important to choose which fish go in the same tank wisely. Ultimately, aquariums can be whatever you want them to be, so have fun with them!

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