Enhanced Aesthetics With Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

Most commercial buildings including offices, retail outlets and manufacturing and production industry facilities are going to have a concrete floor. These floors cannot be left unsurfaced or unfinished because concrete is actually a very poor flooring option.

Not only is soft and very prone to damage from dropping objects, but it is also porous and will absorb water. In fact, any concrete floor is made up of 12-18% of pores, small tubular like hollows throughout the material. This creates a problem as the floor can become saturate with water and provide ideal growth areas for mold. It can also cause moisture from the floor to transfer through to the walls, creating more mold and rot issues.

As if that were not enough of an issue, concrete flooring is not aesthetically pleasing. However, with the new options in very attractive designs and colors of epoxy floor coating, it is possible to turn even the dirtiest of concrete flooring in a beautiful looking and durable floor.

Natural Stone Look

Unlike paint, epoxy floor coating offers much more variety in style and color. This is applied in several layers including a primer and base coat followed by a layer of decorative chips. The decorative chips come in many different colors and, since they are broadcast on the surface by hand, you can choose a pre-set pattern and color combination or design our own.

This is perfect for any type of commercial building. It is possible to choose a neutral color such as tan or gray or go for a black and white floor that is classic in style and goes with anything.

To give more color and pizzazz add some orange, red, green, blue or yellow chips for that hint of color. This is ideal for a retail space, restaurant or for any type of commercial application. Choosing the colors of your corporate brand is an ideal way to add to the look of a custom floor that makes it truly one of a kind.

For a more subtle look, you can choose a base color and a chip that are the same color. This adds a subtle textured look that is simple enough for a garage but sophisticated enough for an upscale retail outlet.

The choice of epoxy floor coating isn’t just for aesthetics. Once the clear top coat is applied it acts as a sealant, providing a waterproof and stain resistant surface that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Saving costs and providing a superior flooring solution, this is a great option for any space, just use your imagination to explore the possibilities.

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