Eliminate Storm Damage and Leaks With Superior Roofing in Rochester MN

Eliminate Storm Damage and Leaks With Superior Roofing in Rochester MN

There are many facets to a house. However, the roof is one of its most important components because it controls the way that water sheds off the building and keeps it from entering the home. However, a roof needs to be checked periodically for signs of damage and potential water leaks. A leak can occur for a variety of reasons, but one common problem is aging shingles. Most roofing materials are made with asphalt and the oils in them will deteriorate over time. Replacement Roofing in Rochester MN can reduce the chance of leaks and make that roof look great.

The typical roof is made of various layers. It begins with the decking that is placed over a skeleton of rafters and joists. Roof decking is typically a man-made material such as OSB (oriented strand board) or plywood. These engineered woods are compressed and the pieces are joined with resin. Problems can occur when the fibers of the wood get wet because water causes them to swell. This quickly destroys the bond with the resin, but the swelling that results can also affect the shingles. Warping in the decking can cause asphalt shingles to begin cupping and this can allow more water to access the roof.

Another area where a roof can develop problems is the various details they have. For example, the flashing around dormers must be sealed so that water does not leak underneath it. Experts with Roofing in Rochester MN can replace any damaged sealant and ensure these details are thoroughly protected. One detail that every roof must have is venting. Proper ventilation reduces the buildup of heat under the shingles. Heat causes a number of problems such as premature aging or the curling of the shingle edges.

The most common solution for roofing is asphalt, but there are other choices such as formed steel. Formed or stamped steel panels come in a variety of styles and is a great option for replacement roofing projects. The metal is protected in various ways, but the preferred coating is a PVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride) based paint. This paint is durable and offers a large selection of color choices. Steel roofing tends to have a service life of several decades and most manufacturers warrant the material for fifty years. Learn more from the professional contractors at Steve Gentry Construction.

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