Eco-Friendly Dome Homes: The Home Of The Future

Eco-Friendly Dome Homes: The Home Of The Future

Dome homes are a very new age style of build, that are naturally efficient and often equipped with some of the most high tech features. The basics of framing a more common dome home are fairly simple, it’s just like stacking triangles both ways. There are many advantages to living in eco-friendly dome homes, as they are naturally aerodynamic, and resist seismic rays naturally, solely based off of their design. Not to mention that building the foundation of eco-friendly dome homes is generally easier on more difficult land to develop such as mountain or ocean based homes, and typi cally domes have smaller foundation requirements.

Ideal Eco-Friendly Dome Homes should be built with the most state of the art materials, considering the home is smaller, so pay more money for better materials. A well insulated dome home will have foam panel insulation, and an economical roof or cover such as aluminum or high tempered glass for the outside. Solar Panels are a natural yes for the dome house setting, as you could potentially stay in the positive on your power bills, and electric heat works really well in smaller applications. As for building a dome home the most efficiently, it depends on where you build it. There are even dome homes that can rotate, like rotating 180 degrees, for example, to give you more sun in the winter time, and less sun in the summer time.

Another extremely efficient quality of dome homes is how fast it takes to build one. In some cases it is possible to build a perfectly beautiful dome space in nothing more than a day. The option for building a dome house should be a pretty obvious one, when considering the many advantages of building cylindrical. After all, when compared to a boring, box shaped house, the dome home definitely seems like the more intellectual approach to building.

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