Does Your Warehouse Need Custom Wooden Boxes?

Does Your Warehouse Need Custom Wooden Boxes?

Do you need to store or transport materials around your workplace? Perhaps you own a warehouse where shipments frequently come and go. If so, then you need to invest in high-quality custom wooden boxes. Here are a couple of the options that are available.

OSB Boxes

Oriented strand board (OSB) is one of the most popular materials used for custom wooden boxes. In early 2001, OSB production surpassed even that of plywood. It is used for around 70 percent of floors and walls in the United States. In addition to being used for floors and walls, it’s also used for making high-quality, durable boxes.

OSB is considered equal in strength and durability to plywood. The real advantage is in the manufacturing process and the money it saves. OSB is only about 80 percent as expensive as plywood. Therefore, you’re getting the same quality product, but at a significantly lower price.

Nailed Pallet Boxes

Nailed pallet boxes are usually a little more expensive, but do have some serious advantages. For example, they are incredibly durable. It’s very unlikely that a nailed box will break apart at any seam or joint. They are made from strips of lumber nailed together with reinforcing battens.

They also have the advantage of a pallet at the bottom. This makes it much easier to lift and transport the box with a forklift. If you are moving heavy loads around the workplace, then it doesn’t get any better than custom wooden boxes with pallets on the bottom.

Making the Choice

These are only two of the custom box options available. They are easily the two most popular options, and for good reason. OSB boxes are cheap and strong. A nailed pallet box can withstand a lot of weight and is easy to move with a forklift. Making the right choice depends on the needs of your business.

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