Does Your Boiler Need Repairing?

Does Your Boiler Need Repairing?

A boiler that has failed in the middle of winter can cause serious problems for the occupants of the home. Like every other mechanical device in your home, the boiler requires periodic maintenance. Many homeowners may not be familiar with a boiler and as a result they may not know the different potential problems. There are a few signs that indicate that you should contact a qualified contractor that does boiler repair in Chicago; a boiler that is not functioning properly can quickly lead to other problems.

* Strange odors: Any unpleasant or unfamiliar odors emanating from your boiler are an indication of a potential problem. The odor could be a gas leak and if it is not taken care of immediately can lead to major problems. The odor may not be a gas leak however; it may indicate there is a vent problem which is equally serious.

* Water leaking: If you notice water anywhere in the vicinity of where the boiler is located, this is an issue that needs immediate attention. A water leak can cause unnecessary damage to your home and just as importantly; it can eventually lead to the boiler bursting.

* Wrong temperature: If you are finding the water is either colder or hotter than what it should be, there may be a problem with the boiler controls. It could be that the water is not circulating through the system properly.

* Noises: The one thing that will not go unnoticed should a boiler require attention is noise. If you start hearing odd noises coming from the boiler this could be an indication that sediment has built up. This is something that needs to be repaired as it can lead to your boiler shutting down with no advance warning.

If you detect any of these signs then you must get in touch with a qualified contractor that performs boiler repair in Chicago. Visit Heatmasters Heating & Cooling at

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